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Straw-Dragon Burning Rite

    The straw-dragon burning rite in Fengshun County is an unique folk recreational activity, which dates back to King Qianlong of Qing Dynasty (in the 1700s). Since then, it has become the typical rite on the night of the Lantern Festival. The local people usually have burning-dragon dance (i.e., straw-dragon burning). The golden dragon is made of straw and bamboo-frame, and is 30 meters long divided into 13 parts. Fireworks and crackers are then fixed onto the golden dragon and 40 strong men in pants will hold up the dragon and shake the head and wag the tail of it to show respect to the audience. The “dragon” will wander around the site and dance among the crowd. From time to time, the “dragon” will produce colorful pearls from its mouth and colorful sparks will come out from the golden body.
The burning dragon then becomes white and golden in flame and dances in the fire happily, presenting a gorgeous picture of “Golden dragon playing in the sea”. In Chinese culture, golden-dragon landing on the earth signifies good weather, a big harvest, a time of peace and prosperity and safety and health for all people.

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