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The Noisy Octave Musical Performance

    The Noisy Octave Musical Performance is a popular folk music style among Hakka areas. The ‘Noisy Octave Band’ is often invited to perform music which functions as sort of an announcing device in a wedding ceremony or a funeral service. The musical instruments mainly used in the performance are: the stringed-instrument, the so-na (Chinese trumpet), the dulcimer, the yeh-hu (two-stringed Chinese violin), the Chinese violin, the Chinese bamboo flute, and percussions such as the small gong, the small drum, the wooden fish and the gigantic gong etc. The Han-music-style tone is the major musical tone. There are a wide range of forms of performing. Sometimes an ensemble with merely melody is performed, while sometimes a singer might join in the concerto. The most representative songs of the Noisy Octave are as follows: The ‘Chushuilian’ (The Emerging Lotus) performed mainly in string instruments, the ‘Baijiachun’ (The Pleasant Spring) and the ‘Yingxianke’ (Receiving the Faerie Guest) performed mainly in wind instruments and percussions. This music style is formed with peculiar regional characteristics of Hakka and it is popular among the public. In the towns and villages of Meizhou, the Noisy Octave Musical Performance has been prevailing until now.

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