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The Guangdong Han Music

   The Guangdong Han Music in Dabu County has a long history and has become famous all over the world. This music style contains five categories:the Stringed-and-Wind-Instruments Music, the Zhong-Jun-Ban-Group Music, the Han-Music Octave, the folk Gongs-and-Drums-Music and the Shrine Music. The traditional musical instruments of Guangdong Han Music are classified into two categories: rhythm instruments and percussions. Rhythm instruments contain the stringed-instrument, the ti-hu fiddle, the flute, the so-na (the Chinese trumpet), the yueqin lute, the three-stringed instrument, and the dulcimer etc. Percussions on the other hand, contain the major castanet, the minor castanet, the gigantic drum, the small drum, the opera-drum, the hook-gong, the copper gong, the gigantic gong etc. Integrated with wind-instruments, percussions and the Shrine Music, the Guangdong Han Music forms a peculiar and unique music style and has become one of the three major music styles in Guangdong Province. Dabu County is named as “the Home of Guangdong Han Music”. “The Great Concert of Guangdong Han Music” ceremony is often held in Dabu County on holidays.

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