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The Hakka Folk Music

    The Hakka Folk Music is one of the components of the Hakka culture. It is said that Hakka Folk Music has been formed since the ancient times and was composed verbally at the very beginning: “Singing right at the moment, rolling right off the tongue.” There are three forms of expression in Hakka Folk Music: direct narration, metaphor, and indirect narration. Rhetorical repetition of phrases and verses also comes into play frequently. Hakka Folk music is famous for its pun-using. There are 4 verses included in a piece of Hakka Folk Music, with 7 characters in each verse. The last characters of the first, second and fourth verse are rhymed. The verses in Hakka folk songs, which are consisted of Hakka oral words, are saturated with Hakka linguistic features and regional charm. These colloquial verses are vivid, lively, easy to understand and remember. As the birthplace of Hakka folk songs, Meizhou is known as “The Home of Hakka Folk Music”. Nowadays, while facing the gorgeous Meijiang River and those colorfully decorated lights around, many residents tend to perform Hakka Folk Music in a solo manner or a antiphonal manner at social gatherings after supper in Binjiang Park. They mostly compose the song impromptu on the spot and sing with deep emotion and affection. Those voices and singings are sometimes sonorous, sometimes intense, sometimes soft and deep, very pleasing to the ears.

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