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The “Fuzijinshi”(Both the father and the son are third-degre

    The scenic spot is located in Chayang Town, Dabu County. The entire dolmen is 12.5 meters high and 4.65 meters wide, constructed by preformed units of granite. The roof of the dolmen is comprised of three layers. Under the roof, there are four major columns and eight attached columns arranged side by side in four rows. These columns are to support the stone beam, the stone plaque and the cover above the roof of the dolmen, which forms a layout of a main gate in the middle and two symmetrical doors on each side. What’s worth mentioning is that the cover above the roof is chiseled of imitation wood. The stone plaque is in the middle of the very cover, with characters ‘Fuzijinshi (Both the father and the son are third-degree scholars)’ engraved in the front and ‘Silunshimei (The imperial edicts will always be of prestige from generation to generation)’ on the other side. Around the cover, the plaque and the beam, there are decorations of patterns which depict two dragons flying about among the clouds, two dragons playing a shining pearl, and two dragons holding flowers in mouth etc. respectively. On the other hand, those 2 doors on each side of the dolmen are decorated with patterns depict two qylins rolling the orb and patterns of flowers, birds, grass and insects. On top of the beams embracing all the items above-mentioned there are plaques chiseled of qylin stone. By and large, the entire dolmen is of a structure which is compact and delicate, built in exquisite carving technique with an elegant styling. In addition, it is an invaluable classic stone carving saturated with national traits.


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