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The Hakka Culture

    Day 1:
    After being picked up in downtown Meizhou, the party will head for one of the Central Red Base Areas, Dabu County, to visit the monument and memorial hall of Sanheba Military Campaign, the Sun Yet-sen Memorial Hall and the Wanfu Temple. Later on, the party will be taken to Yanyang Town for the tour next day.
Lodging: Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction or Yanming Lake Holiday Resort.

    Day 2:
    After breakfast, a visit to a national AAAA tourist attraction -- The Ye Jianying Memorial Park, followed by a visit to the Astronomy & Technology Park up on the Wuzhi Mountain. After lunch, a visit to a national AAAAA tourist attraction -- the Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction, which will bring the tourists to an atmosphere of the Hakka Tea Culture and Diet Culture. Later on, a Hakka Custom Show will be presented (Alternatively, a visit to a national tourist attraction of AAAA – the Yanming Lake Holiday Resort to experience the atmosphere of the medicinal diet health culture). Followed by, a visit to the Lingguang Temple, a tourist area of AAAA, and the representative Hakka Weilong House -- the Renhou Wengong Ancestral Hall. In the evening, the party will go sightseeing the night view along the Meijiang River on boat and watch a musical drama named Hakka Image.
Lodging: downtown Meizhou.

   Day 3
    After breakfast, the party will go to visit a national AAAA tourist attraction -- the Hakka town in the Hakka Park Scenic Spot, the Guidu Park, the Qinshui Park, and the Yuanshi Square as well. Followed by, a visit to the Qianfo Temple and the Hakka Museum of China is on the schedule. The route will come to an end after lunch.


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