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The Hakka History Exploration

    Day 1:
   After being picked up in Wuhua County, the tourist party will head for a national AAA tourist attraction -- the Geothermal Mud and Hot Spring Resort with the fame of the No.1 mighty geothermal mud in south China, to experience the high-quality hotspring. A visit to the former residence of the Asian football king ---- Li Huitang, will be the following act. Later on, the party will be taken to downtown Meizhou for the visit to Renjing Lu, the former residence of Huang Kung-tu, which is also known as the Hakka Museum of China. In the evening, the party will go sightseeing the night view along the Meijiang River on boat and watch a musical drama named Hakka Image.
Lodging: downtown Meizhou.

   Day 2:
    After breakfast, a visit to a national AAAA tourist attraction -- The Ye Jianying Memorial Park, will be the very beginning of the tour today. Followed by, a visit to a national AAAAA tourist attraction -- Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction (Alternatively, another national tourist attraction of AAAA -- Yanming Lake Holiday Resort), the Lingguang Temple, a tourist area of AAAA, and the representative Hakka Weilong House -- the Renhou Wengong Ancestral Hall.
Lodging: Yearning Tea Plantation Tourist Attraction or Yanming Lake Holiday Resort.

    Day 3:
    After breakfast, the party will firstly visit the Former Residence of Lee Kuan Yew in Gaopo Town, Dabu County. Then follows a visit to the Former Residence of Zhang Bishi. Finally, the route will come to an end after lunch.


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